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Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues.

We provide 24/7 network monitoring support for your mission critical infrastructure. 


RCA Reporting (Root Cause Analysis) In the event you experience an outage we will provide a RCA as to the cause. 

Online Help Desk support:  


We are very excited about this aspect of our service offering, due to the fact it is all in house. You will not be routed oversees and you will always be able to speak to someone that can address your needs with a sense of urgency. 

Remote Managed Support:  


Remote support has been around from quite some time;however, times have changed over the years. We now have iPad's, iPhone's, laptops, and desktop computers. We are able to support all of these devices remotely. 

Security Harding:


Security is very important in today's network environment, and that is why we provide wide range of DLP support as well as whole disk encryption, and two factor authentication method. We do employ PGP, CheckPoint, and other tools to get the desired results. 

Centralized Management:


As a Apple focused firm we leverage JAMF Pro,  developed by the JAMF corporation to managed large scale Mac systems in enterprise environments. JAMF Pro is a very powerful tool that will provide the results you seek.


Vulnerability Management:


This is a key component to any agency or organization. We have a very powerful partner in this space that allows us to provide detailed information on any wholes you may have in your network. We will be able to identify these security wholes upon consultation. We have seen in some very large organizations we have worked with, that physical security is lacking. Meaning, there is not a chain of custody for laptops, iPads, iPhones or any other mobile devices. In order to have a proper IT security stance you must have a chain of custody in place, if not you will have laptop theft, and data loss.  


We support the Mac platforms with a focus on infrastructure support. In addition we are able to provide ​the following solutions and much more:


  • Federal STIG implementation

  • NIST-800-171 implementation

  • Citrix

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Pulse Secure  

  • Mac Enterprise Deployments

  • Office 365 for Mac 

  • Cisco AnyConnect Client 

  • Data Recovery Solutions

  • Whole Disk Encryption

  • Remote Network Management

  • Enterprise Mobility Management

  • OSX 10.11.2 Big Sur 

  • JAMF Cloud Services 

  • Package Development & Deployment

  • ​24 Hour Network Monitoring & Support​

  • Asset Management

  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

  • Network Intrusion Protection

  • Compliance Testing

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Network Speed Testing

  • Mac Integration  into AD Environments

  • Domain Inspector

  • McAfee Endpoint Security 

  • Digital Guardian

  • FireEye HX Client

  • Aruba VPN 

  • 802.1x  Implementation

  • OKTA

Network Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring the performance and availability of critical servers is an essential task for IT admins and MSPs. For businesses with lot of branch offices such as large retail chains, monitoring internal work flows is crucial to avoid server bottlenecks and to ensure maximum efficiency.


​​​24/7 Network Monitoring Solutions


DeBerry and Company provides you with reliable information about the performance of various critical elements of your server.

Baselines can be configured and notifications will be sent immediately via SMS/Email/Twitter/RSS feeds if any of the resources/usage statistics violate the set thresholds.


DeBerry and Company provides extensive reporting features to help IT administrators understand usage patterns and plan resource requirements well in advance. The analysis of server metrics over a period of time also aides in capacity planning, identify bottle necks and gain maximum efficiency.

In addition to monitoring servers via installed agents, DeBerry and Company offers agent less monitoring from the cloud for your DNS, mail servers, websites, web applications, TCP/IP Ports and Ping. These capabilities help monitor all the aspects of a server typically used as web infrastructure.