Our greatest assets are our clients! We have worked for many firms providing insight, vision, and leadership that has helped clients attain there goals. Below is a list of projects that we have been involved with over the years.  Looking forward we are excited to work with you to reach your goals within your organization.

Developed a Macintosh standardization schema for 160 Mac’s in the

NHLBI institute. Created a NTLM V.2 migration plan, which aided in the completion of this

project ahead of schedule. Supported 3,600 users in PC/MAC/Fedora Linux environment.

Technical Lead, for the migration of the Clinical Center network to the Novell cluster within the

NHLBI Branch of NIH. Project was completed on time.

U.S. Department of Energy
Created the first Mac image for DOE Headquarters.

We created the first ever Macintosh standardized image for US Department of Energy. Tasked with the job to transition the existing PC systems to a Macintosh environment within the Public Affairs department. This project was a great success. The image that was created has be come the standard for US Department of Energy.

IMF (International Monetary Fund)
​The Managed Mac Environment

In 2011 ​started work on a project for the International Monetary Fund. This project consisted of creating a management process for the existing Macintosh environment. Before we started the project, the Mac environment was not even on the organizational chart. As a result of our efforts we now have a  "Macintosh Engineering Group" in place that is also included in the ITIL process and change management. We also were responsible for the migration of OSX 10.6 to 10.7 using the existing Casper Suite. This project has many different layers;however, it was very rewarding as a whole.  

 Bank of America
​ The Teamwork Approach

This project was created to bring order to the Macintosh environment within the Bank. Working in a team effort we were able to identify all assets and devices and bring them under one managed unit. This project was high profile, and we could not make mistakes;therefore, the team effort that we put forth really made the project a success!!!​